Boost Legacy Is Back!

June 14, 2020

After a short haiatus Boost Legacy is coming back to bring you more Rocket League events!

Our History

Boost Legacy began with the name Ghostboosters in 2015 as a community of Rocket League players looking to have fun playing the game with other players in the community. Soon after formation we began hosting small 2v2 tournaments just for the fun of competition. These tournaments had players hanging out in voice chats having a blast meeting new people and playing for an extravagent prize pool of $20. Over time as the competitive scene grew we consistently provided weekly tournaments and started expanding to multiple formats. With these changes we rebranded as Boost Legacy and went all in as a tournament organizer. Over the years and hundreds of tournaments the more professional tournament scene began to put a strain on our volunteer staff and as many of us moved on to different chapters of our life we couldn't put the attention to detail and effort that the competitive community deserved. This leads us to where we are now.

So What Now?

Many of us long for those early days of Rocket League when we could pick up a controller and laugh and have fun as we whiffed the ball spectacularly. This early joy is why we have such a love for the game and commit countless hours to it. We hope to bring back some of that sense of fun with monthly community events.

In the next couple of weeks we will be announcing our first monthly event. The goal will be to bring people together and to interact with the community. We are going to start off with a familiar event format but plan on bringing in new ideas over the coming months. While these events will have a competitive nature they will be primarily focused towards having fun in a relaxed community friendly environment.

We look forward to hanging out once again.