About Us

About Boost Legacy

We are Boost Legacy, formally known as Ghostboosters, running an e-sports community with two weekly Rocket League tournaments. Our tournaments are run with fairness, 100% seeding and professionalism, utilizing Smash.gg in order to provide the best player experience. We are interested in creating opportunities for Rocket League personalities, players and casters to make a name for themselves with our events. Our group is comprised of over 10+ volunteers who have joined forces to create a unique community and offer fun events and opportunities for our players all across the world.

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We recently changed our name from Ghostboosters to Boost Legacy. We feel this name better suits our community and our vision moving foward. We have quite a few great months as Ghostboosters and will not forget those that helped form our organization from the start.

rlw3Recent News

We recently celebrated a huge milestones (3900+ members) on our Discord and joined in a partnership with Rocket League World (9,000+ members). We have seen many teams and player joining into our tournaments in the past few months with a growth in overall player talent. Rocket League World is our primary partner and will be co-sponsoring all of our tournaments and events.

We are expanding to the EU

We received a fair amount of feedback regarding a need for more EU specific tournaments and events. We are trying to line up tournament operators, admins and other staff to kickoff our EU program in the very near future. We have several key individuals already in place and helping to develop our EU operations. We want to ensure we have EU based staff in order to make this successful expansion.